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Real Estate

Can I purchase one of your properties/parcels of land for residential use? 


PIDC properties are only available for commerical use. There are occasionally City-owned properties of which PIDC is managing the sale that may have residential uses. 

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How much does it cost?


Portfol’s pricing is based upon the number of active loans in your portfolio and allows for an unlimited number of users. The complete package, including training and the first year of support, starts at just $11,250. There are no extra or hidden costs for add-on "modules". Portfol is all-inclusive. You won't find another system like it!


What types of businesses does PIDC serve? 


PIDC works with companies of all sizes in every area of Philadelphia. We work on projects big and small with businesses, developers, and non-profits in the Manufacturing and Industrial, Commercial Businesses, Neighborhood Businesses, Minority/Women/Disabled-Owned Businesses, Non-Profit, Corporate and Commercial Development sectors. 

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Is PIDC a City agency? 


PIDC is an independent non-profit organization.  PIDC was co-founded by The City of Philadelphia and the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.  We work closely with our founding partners and they appoint our board of directors.


Does PIDC work with businesses outside of Philadelphia? 


PIDC is committed to the economic development of Philadelphia and therefore we work with businesses and non-profits within the city.  If your company is looking to locate in Philadelphia, PIDC is happy to discuss opportunities available.


Is PIDC a membership organization?


How can I get on PIDC's bidders or preferred vendors list?


PIDC does not maintain a bidders or preferred vendors list. Contractors, developers, consultants, etc. are encouraged to check our Contract Opportunities or our Property & Development RFP/RFQ page and sign up for our newsletter to stay updated.


What is PIDC?


PIDC is Philadelphia's public-private economic development corporation. It is a non-profit  joint venture between the City of Philadelphia and the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, founded in 1958.  We offer flexible financing tools, a targeted portfolio of industrial and commercial real estate, and decades of Philadelphia-based knowledge to help our clients  invest, develop, and grow. 

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Can my company get a grant from PIDC?


PIDC does not offer grants directly.  PIDC is the conduit for several city and state grants which are funded through other organizations such as Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) Grant, Stormwater Management Incentives Program(SMIP) Grant, Startup PHL.  Find out about how PIDC can assist with the application and administration of these grants.

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Does PIDC finance startups?


PIDC does not have direct financing for statups. But we are an active investment partner in several programs to provide capital to early stage companies.

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