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Professional Environmental Services

Deadline: Apr 21, 2017

PIDC seeks proposals (“Proposals”) from qualified, experienced environmental engineering and professional services firms for performance of all work required to establish and administer the RLF, including but not limited to those tasks specifically set forth in Section III of this RFP.  Consultants may submit Proposals as a team, subject to the provisions of this RFP.  Each Proposal must address the specific requirements set forth in this RFP.  Proposals must demonstrate the Consultant’s qualifications and ability to timely and competently perform the work outlined in this RFP and Section III.  PIDC welcomes innovative approaches and concepts that Consultants may suggest.  Consultants are advised that all Proposals and any contract resulting from this RFP may be subject to public inspection pursuant to Pennsylvania’s Right-to-Know Law. 

The RFP will be posted on PIDC’s website ( ) for the duration of the RFP process.  PIDC reserves the right, at any time and in its sole discretion, to modify and/or terminate this RFP.  In the event of such modification or termination, PIDC will bear no liability or responsibility to any party.  Proposers are solely responsible for checking the website for updates to the RFP.  All modifications to the RFP will be posted on the PIDC website.  

RFP Release March 24, 2017
Deadline for Questions March 31, 2017
Responses to Questions April 7, 2017
Deadline for RFP Submissions  April 21, 2017
Estimated Selection & Notification Date May 2017

All questions must be submitted in writing and sent via e-mail to Kate McNamara at by Noon on March 31, 2017.  PIDC will provide responses to all questions by April 7, 2017.  

Proposal Submission:  Proposals must include SIX ORIGINAL COPIES OF THE PROPOSAL, AS WELL AS A CD-ROM CONTAINING THE ENTIRE PROPOSAL (INCLUDING ALL ATTACHMENTS) IN PDF FORMAT.  Proposals must be received by Noon (E.S.T.) on April 21, 2017.  Deliver all proposals to:

Kate McNamara, Vice President, Real Estate Services

Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation

1500 Market Street

Suite 2600 West

Philadelphia, PA 19102-2126



1. Is it envisioned that the RLF will be used for funding projects just in the Lower Schuylkill project area or will PIDC entertain use of the funding throughout the City?  PIDC will prioritize projects in the Lower Schuylkill, however projects throughout the City are also eligible.

2. Is there any anticipated coordination expected between the EPA funded assessment activities in the Lower Schuylkill project area and the use of the EPA RLF loans?

No.  PIDC’s EPA-funded assessment grant program is viewed as a pipeline of projects that may also be candidates for RLF financing.  The assessment grant program is relatively new, however, so it should be viewed as complementary to the RLF program, but not has the primary source of RLF prospects.  Coordination, to the extent it is required, shall be provided by PIDC.

3. Was a Consultant selected in a similar role to this RFP for the 2012 Grant?  And, if so, can PIDC name who the incumbent Consulting firm is?

Yes.  Duffield Associates.

4. Requirement stated in the RFP (Section IV(C)1) ask for “…a detailed workplan and schedule, including all tasks, milestones,…a project timeline…”; yet, there is not enough information or suitable detail in Section III of the RFP to provide a detailed schedule, workplan or timeline.  Can PIDC provide clarification on what is required for this RFP?

PIDC recognizes that there are elements of uncertainty in any financing program, including this one.  Proposers should utilize their experience and professional judgement to propose a set of technical services that will accomplish the goals stated in the RFP.  Proposers should consider the RLF program, its specific regulatory and programmatic requirements, the term of the grant, and total funding awarded.  Proposals should detail how the team will approach the project, what they anticipate in terms of timeline, and specifically note any areas where uncertainty exists and how the proposer will address that. 

5. Requirement stated in the RFP (Section IV(C)3) ask for “…a detailed fixed price cost proposal, clearly identifying the total fee for each task…”; again, there is not enough information or suitable detail in Section III of the RFP to provide such a detailed cost proposal.  Can PIDC provide clarification on what is required for this RFP?

Proposers should utilize their experience and professional judgment to identify the technical services required for successful administration of an RLF, then price those services accordingly.  These may include, but are not limited to, prospect evaluation, regulatory coordination, and remediation oversight and reporting. 

6. The total proposed compensation is identified as $100,000 (Section IV(C)3); is this total compensation correct, and if so, is it at $100,000/year or $100,000 over the 4-year anticipated term of the contract?

$100,000 over the 4 year term of the contract.

7. The April 21, 2017 date for PIDC to respond to questions is the same date that the RFP is due to be submitted; will one of these scheduled dates be adjusted?

The website lists April 7th as the response date for questions and April 21st as the submission deadline (  These are the correct dates that proposers should use. 

Project Manager: Kate McNamara
Info Request Emails go to: