Filling the
Funding Gap

Frankford Ave

Revitalizing Commercial Corridors

The Kensington and Fishtown sections of the city are prime examples of neighborhoods that are experiencing an economic renaissance, thanks to long-term planning by New Kensington Community Development Corporation and strategic private and public investments. Nowhere is this more evident than on Frankford Avenue, where PIDC has supported local developer Roland Kassis to transform that corridor into a vibrant mix of retail, office space and restaurants, including Frankford Hall, an authentic German bier garten, which opened in 2011 and has quickly become a catalyst for additional development.

“Without PIDC, a lot of these developments cannot happen,” Kassis said. “Literally, they helped change a neighborhood by working with us.”

After Frankford Hall, PIDC worked with Kassis on the next phase of development to bring a Brooklyn BBQ to Philadelphia with Fette Sau. And just up the avenue, PIDC helped the Lutheran Settlement House, a non-profit social services organization, expand their historic Kensington location. The growth of this corridor has impacted the surrounding blocks and redeveloped former factory spaces with the expansion of PrintFresh, creators of unique textile designs, and the development of Oxford Mills, affordable housing for teachers and office space for education non-profits.

PIDC remains dedicated to restoring urban areas and igniting life all over the city. Projects like those in Kensington, Fishtown and Midtown Village remove blight, create jobs, and boost the economy while helping Philadelphia reinvent its commercial corridors.