John Pomp Studios

Filling the Funding Gap

“My whole life, all I ever wanted to do was make things with my hands,” says John, sliding between two 2,400°F furnaces. “We got to the point where business was growing so fast, we just needed more space.”

Philadelphia business owners are known for rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. John Pomp is a perfect example. Glassblower and founder of John Pomp Studios, John is an artisanal manufacturer of handblown glass fixtures. One trip through his fiery furnaces is proof – this artist, manufacturer, and entrepreneur means business.

John was able to use a PIDC Capital Project Loan, along with commercial bank financing, to purchase, and renovate 10,000 square feet in the building next door to his studio. When businesses and nonprofits undertaking capital projects find that traditional financing is not fully able to meet their needs, PIDC can help to close the funding gap. From building acquisition and renovation to leasehold improvements or equipment purchases, PIDC loans allow companies to complete the projects that grow their businesses.

“Thanks to PIDC, we’ve been able to speak to more clients, fill more orders, and the biggest thing, hire more people,” says John. “It feels great to give young artists an opportunity, while also helping to grow the maker community here in Kensington.”

Throughout the city – for all types of business and nonprofits – when goals are in reach, PIDC fills the gap.