How We’re Moving Philadelphia Forward

Growing Manufacturing in Philadelphia

From timeless institutions to creative up-and-comers, Philadelphia’s industrial sector is a mix of traditional and not-so-traditional manufacturers. PIDC and its partners are committed to guiding this sector toward its next phase of industrial growth.

Manufacturing Taskforce

Building on our more than 50 year commitment to the manufacturing sector, PIDC played a lead role supporting the Manufacturing Taskforce which brought together 30 CEOs from manufacturing companies across the region. The Task Force released its comprehensive analysis in December of 2013 and created a blueprint for growing this crucial sector of Philadelphia’s economy which employs over 100,000 people and contributes almost $50 billion of annual economic output.
Resources Manufacturing Taskforce Report

PHL Made

PHL Made was established in 2013 to proudly support the products, fashion, food and technology ‘Made in Philadelphia.’ It’s a resource for makers, bringing them together through a fresh marketing brand and a civic-minded makers network. PIDC is a proud strategic partner in this initiative to promote the manufacturing community in Philadelphia.