Wealth of Expertise
We help grow businesses, attract investment, and spur development in Philadelphia. All-day, every day. We bring together Philadelphia’s public and private sectors in order to get projects done and energize growth in the city.

We know the neighborhoods, the trends, the history, and the people – and build relationships with clients and partners who are dedicated to Philadelphia’s success.


PIDC works with companies of all sizes in every area of Philadelphia. We work on projects big and small with businesses, developers, and non-profits in every sector. We have staff dedicated to each of our target market sectors who can connect you to the resources you need to succeed - at PIDC and beyond.

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PIDC works with a network of partners to ensure Philadelphia continues to grow as an attractive place for business investment, development, and job creation. We partner with organizations which can offer additional resources to support growth and development, and we connect our clients to the right partners who can help them reach their goals.

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From industrial land management to innovative financial products to the redevelopment of The Navy Yard, we invite you to discover the range of initiatives and projects PIDC undertakes to further our mission.

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PIDC’s workshops are designed to help businesses and organizations from every market sector build skills and connections to meet their economic goals. We hope you’ll join us soon.

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Questions? Comments? Please reach out and connect. We’re here to help. 

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