Greened Acre Retrofit Program

Grant funding available for companies or contractors to build stormwater improvement projects across multiple properties in Philadelphia’s combined sewer area.

This program provides grant funding to companies or contractors to construct stormwater projects across multiple properties in Philadelphia’s combined sewer area.


Funding for the Greened Acre Retrofit Program (GARP) is reserved for stormwater retrofit projects on private property in the combined sewer area only. Properties undergoing redevelopment are not eligible for GARP funding and must comply with PWD’s Stormwater Regulations. Recipients of the grant funds are limited to companies and project aggregators that can assemble large areas, often over multiple properties, for stormwater management projects. The recommended minimum project size is 10 acres.

Evaluation Requirements

GARP applications will be evaluated based on a variety of criteria, including total area managed, cost to PWD, quality of long-term maintenance plan and availability of matching funds. Competitive applications will limit grant requests to $90,000 per impervious acre managed or less. Agreements or contracts with any participating property owners must be included in the application.


Applications can be submitted electronically to PIDC at any time. A selection committee comprised of PWD staff will evaluate applications and issue decisions at the close of each fiscal quarter. Selected grantees will enter into a subgrant agreement with PIDC to move forward with project design and implementation. Owners of properties participating in the GARP grant project are required to execute an Operations and Maintenance Agreement with PWD. Project aggregators are required to execute an Economic Opportunity Plan as part of the subgrant agreement.

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