Soak It Up Adoption Program

Grant funding administered by the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) for communities to help implement and maintain green stormwater infrastructure (GSI).


Organizations with 501c(3) status are eligible to participate in the Soak It Up Adoption program and are preferred if they hold and Employer Identification Number. They must host at least one full time employee and have frequent meetings or other means of updating and connecting with the surrounding community. They must comply with all insurance requirements stipulated by the City of Philadelphia. Organizations will be awarded grants based on the number of sites they adopt, and the scope of their public education and engagement.

Evaluation Requirements:

Participating organizations will follow certain requirements in order to receive the entirety of their grant funds. Employees must participate in training sessions and site tour with PWD and the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) and maintain frequent contact with representatives from both of these organizations. Maintenance on the GSI should be performed and reported through an online form at least once a week. On a quarterly basis, the organization should submit a budget report showing how the grant funds have been used for maintenance along with pictures of the site.


Once your application to join the program has been approved, PWD will inform PIDC that you’ve been accepted and send you some additional forms to complete. Upon completing these forms, participants will enter into a sub-grant agreement with PIDC and attend a training session and site tour with PWD and PEC. This will allow the dispersal of the first 75% of the grant for use. The remaining 25% will be awarded once the participant has submitted reports on weekly maintenance for a period of six months and completed an audit of expenses by PIDC as well as a debriefing meeting hosted by PWD and PEC. Please note that PWD is currently seeking to move all Adoption partners to a calendar year schedule, which means that all organizations will (re)apply in January of a given year, submit summary reports on June 30th of a given year, and complete their End of Year reporting in December of a given year. 

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