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PIDC acquires, improves, plans, manages, leases, and sells real estate to support the next wave of industrial and commercial activity in Philadelphia.

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Industrial Land

If you are a growing industrial company or real estate developer interested in cleared, development-ready sites to expand your business or deploy your investment, PIDC has acquired, improved and manages an inventory of 300+ acres of industrially-zoned land in 8 industrial parks located throughout Philadelphia.

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City-Owned Property

PIDC markets surplus properties owned by the City of Philadelphia and other public agencies for sale and development.  These properties include cleared lots as well as buildings that are candidates for reuse and cover a wide range of zoning classifications.

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The Navy Yard

The Navy Yard is a 1,200-acre, dynamic urban development, offering the Philadelphia region a unique and centrally-located waterfront business campus committed to smart energy innovation and sustainability.

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Property & Development RFP/RFQs

PIDC’s real estate activity often involves managing a public developer solicitation process, and we encourage you to check the Property & Development RFP/RFQs