Affordable Refinancing to Grow Your Business


Eliminate High-Interest Debt!

PIDC offers affordable loans with favorable terms, so you can refinance high-interest debt that might be stifling your business from reaching your goals. We want to free you from increasing debt while giving your business room to grow.

Find out the specifics on the Working Capital & Equipment Loan or contact us to get started alleviating your debt today.


Don’t just take our word for it. Read some stories of businesses that have refinanced through PIDC.

Mama's Wellness Joint

Paige Chapman, Owner

Boutique yoga studio and wellness center, Mama’s Wellness Joint, successfully expanded yoga and wellness services for the Philadelphia community after refinancing with PIDC.


Home Hero

Peter Rose, Founder

With the help of a PIDC loan, handyman service, Home Hero, moved into a 2,000 SF garage in South Philadelphia in 2019 where they built a custom 750 SF office specifically for their needs, making it possible for them to keep storage, tools, and office staff in one location. Refinancing their existing loans provided the capital they needed to complete this project. 


Birchtree Catering

Allegra Derengowski & Rasa Stirbys Benefico, Owners

Catering company, Birchtree Catering, was able to pay off a high-interest loan and make purchases for their company’s growth.


Don Pedro Meats & Market

Pedro Vitor & Daniela Costa Vitor, Owners

PIDC was able to help butcher shop and grocery store, Don Pedro Meats and Market in its expansion by refinancing and helping to fund the fit out and construction of a new community serving market.


My Independence at Home 

Lisa Robinson, Founder & CEO
Ronda Winfield, Co-founder & COO

With PIDC’s assistance, full-service home care agency, My Independence at Home was able to pay off their high interest lines of credit and plan for future growth with additional working capital.  


working capital & equipment Loan

Supports small and midsize businesses and nonprofits that need term financing for working capital, equipment, or leasehold improvements to support their growth.