Lower Schuylkill Pre-Development Site Analysis

Deadline: Mar 1, 2019

In 2013, PIDC and the City of Philadelphia released the Lower Schuylkill Master Plan, a comprehensive framework for transitioning a 3,700 acre historically industrial corridor into a vibrant set of modern, competitive business campuses. In accordance with the plan, PIDC has assembled two development sites (Bartram’s North and Bartram’s South), totaling 39.9 acres. This RFP seeks an experienced engineering firm to conduct a comprehensive pre-development analysis for the Bartram’s North and Bartram’s South development areas, which consist of five discrete parcels. The analysis shall be based on a conceptual development program provided by PIDC. The goal of this work is to identify, evaluate, and quantify the key site characteristics that developers and end-users will consider when the sites are publicly marketed for development. These characteristics include, but are not limited to, site elevation, geotechnical and environmental conditions, utility infrastructure, and site access. The selected team will identify existing conditions, evaluate the capacity of the development sites to support the conceptual development program, identify feasibility and cost-premium issues, and develop recommendations for addressing deficiencies. Field work may be necessary to complete select items in the scope of work.


02/01/19 - Repository Documents

02/06/19 - Addendum #1

02/22/19 - 2017 Map of Historic Exceedances

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Project Manager: Kate McNamara
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